Photography destination weddings tips

Destination wedding photography tips

Photography by Andrew Prod


Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and with such occasions come months if not years of careful planning. Considering which photographer to hire should be no different, especially considering the number of amateurs out there who call themselves professionals after they bought a fancy lens. Here are a few tips to consider when looking for someone to capture those life changing memories.

Good communication with your photographer

Having your wedding photographed shouldn’t be an irritation to endure, the photographer should make things easy and blend in well with you, your family and guests. You don’t want someone sticking a camera in your face during the crucial “I do” moment. Also study their portfolio before making a decision. See what kind of pictures they like to take and decide if their photography and editing skills are up to your standards. If you’ve got ideas then share them, ask questions, get involved. You are hiring them so they have to abide to your rules, not the other way around.

Be creative

Work with your photographer to find the best locations in and around your venue for the perfect shots. A skilled photographer can take a mouldy, old bench and turn it into the centrepiece of your most beautiful memories and they can turn what is already beautiful into something absolutely breathtaking. When everything is said and done, give some serious thought to doing a “trash the dress” session. Right now you might want to keep your wedding dress in your closet forever but speak to someone who’s been married a few years and ask them if they even know where there dress is. Rather use it to create an unforgettable experience.

Capture the whole experience

If your wedding is going to span over a few days, even if you’re only spending an extra day or two with your bridesmaids then bring the photographer along for the ride. It’ll not only give you hundreds of additional photographs to cherish but it’ll also give you time to get comfortable with the photographer before the big day.

Photography by Andrew Prod

Destination wedding photographer venice 3Get the right photographer for you

Don’t let your photographer be a last minute or budget decision. Getting the right photographer will ensure that your wedding doesn’t just bring a smile to your face once but continuously and hiring an amateur with lacklustre equipment will ruin the experience for you. Also, don’t let a venue talk you into a package deal where you are forced to use their in house photographer if you’re not 100% happy with their work.





Remember, this is your day. You are the most important person at this event. Hire someone who will make you feel like it.